Hair Transplantion

Forget about saying “those were the days…”

Some lose their hair early, while others lose at older ages. This adversely affects people’s psychological state. Getting used to this is something difficult for a person. Some people can never get used to it. Hair transplantation is recommended for people to regain their charisma. Most of hair transplantation operations are performed with FUE method. Donor hair to be transplanted is shortened to 1 mm of length before the process of transplantation. After that, hair strands are transplanted to the hairless area one by one. Follicular Units (hair to be transplanted) are placed in the transplantation area one by one. The application is performed under local anesthesia, and no pain is felt.


If you are interested in having a hair transplant, contact us at any time at 0090 533 703 11 03 or by email at

We need some your personal details and good photographs of you beforehand with which we will arrange an individual schedule for your hair transplant.

Send photos
Please take photographs of your exact hair condition as detailed as possible and send us them digitally either by E-Mail at or through WhatsApp on +0090 533 703 11 03 Based on these first impressions, we will determine your treatment expenses for you and immediately send you detailed cost estimates.

Arranging the Date of Operation
If you have agreed with our cost estimates, we can shortly agree on an appointment for surgery for your hair transplant. We will book the transfer and the hotel. You will not need to make reservations. (Excluding your flight).

Booking Hotel and Airport Transfer
If the arrangement for your hair transplant is fixed and you have provided your deposit, then we will quickly initiate all further steps for your transfer and your accommodation. You need not bother with other details, and only your flight remains to be booked.

Travel and Pickup
After you are picked up at the airport, we request you to immediately arrive at the Meeting Point (Turkcell Store just beside the passport checking point). Our Transfer Team will await you here and receive you. Together with our team, you will directly and easily arrive at your hotel.

Day 1 | Arrival
The first day of treatment, you will arrive at your hotel and relax in your new luxurious surroundings. We all this first day of rest to give you peace of mind in your treatment and upcoming surgery. You will be picked up from the hotel shortly before your arrangement and then brought to the clinic.

Day 2 | The Operation
On the second day, the actual operation will then take place, to which you will be picked up directly from your hotel. In the clinic, warten first a preliminary examination, hair analysis and a preliminary discussion with our specialists on your hair transplant will await you. Warning: Your hair will be trimmed very short before the actual operation to achieve optimum results. The actual operation is very easy for you. You will be anesthetized locally at the areas to be handled and during the process . The operation itself takes time between three and eight hours depending on transplant volume. After the operation, you will be brought back to your hotel.

Day 3 | Follow Up
One day after the operation a follow-up examination awaits you in the clinic, for which you will be picked up again. Here you will get further information on the appropriate behavior after the operation.

Day 4 | First wash and Travel Back
First wash awaits you in the clinic, for which you will be picked up again. Here you will get further information about wash.

And then our transfer service will bring you directly to the airport- allowing you to take your stress-free flight back home.

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