Beard Transplantation

Beard is the most natural accessory for a man!

The follicles in the beard area may have various hormonal problems or there may be regional irregularities or lack of beard. Such cases may be treated with beard transplantation.
Beard transplantation is the most effective solution in treating the problem of being beardless. In beard transplantation, follicles taken from nape are transplanted to the defined beard area with their natural angle.
Beard problems due to burns, wounds or scars, tinea barbae and other problems in the beard area can be treated with beard transplantation.
Some important details about beard transplantation:
-Follicles must be transplanted one by one. If they are transplanted as groups, they will look unnatural and unaesthetic.
-Beard transplantation must be performed by needling without opening channels. Or else, the area will have scars, and the transplanted beard will grow with vertical angle.
-1000 thousand follicles will prevent the beardless appearance; however, 2000 to 6000 follicles will provide a better result.

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